W is for Wonderous

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The doctors were beginning to piece together why you were struggling with so many issues.  They took some special pictures of your brain that showed there was damage done, probably way back before you were even born when you were not getting enough oxygen.  They told us that you probably would never sit, talk, crawl, or understand most things.  They make these “guesses” based upon how much damage they see and where in the brain the injury occurred.  When they showed us your first films they saw a brain that they believed wouldn’t mature beyond that of a six-month-old.  Mom and Dad were worried for you.  Our real discouragement happened when we learned that you can never heal a brain.  There isn’t anything doctors know of right now they can make a brain ‘better’.  Yet we knew we couldn’t give up on our little guy because you were working hard to fight.  You were a continual wonder to us.