S is for Stubborn

We spend a great deal of each day working on your movements. You push yourself constantly to try to stand and walk. Your stubbornness acts as a motivator for you to enhance your skills.  It is important for you to put weight on your legs even if you never stand by yourself.  It helps your bones grow and  become stronger.  Since your ankle muscles are too tight to allow you to flex your feet on your own you wear special braces on your feet called AFO’s.  These stretch out your leg muscles and hold your feet flat so you are able to bare weight. Every year or so as you grow, we have new AFO’s made. This is a long process of putting casts on both of your legs and allowing them to harden.  Then they are cut off and used as molds to help create braces perfectly sized to your feet. We then have the challenge of finding shoes that will fit over your braces.