Unexpected Outcomes

What is an unexpected outcome? This is the term I use to define the heart wrenching grief of discovering that your beautiful, perfect child will have to face and daily fight with a medical challenge. Whether that is; Autism, Down’s syndrome, cognitive impairments, congenital deformities, physical challenges, blindness, deafness, cancer or any chronic condition that stabs you in the heart and makes you weep for the innocence that was taken from your beautiful little baby. The pain and suffering you know lies ahead of them that you who have no power to take away. The fear of what is to come, that crowds your thoughts and keeps you up at night. The grief that you battle with as you say good-bye to the dreams of easy success you had for your child- that all parents have for their children. To taste victory, after hard work. To walk a road of simple ‘normalcy’. The reality of a harsh world that can be brutally intolerant of differences, that no one should have to battle and overcome, let alone your precious baby. The changing of your role as parent. From the predictable path you imagined to the unknown, the harsh reality of fighting hidden foes and praying for answers to questions you still can’t even imagine.

Your need to protect and guard your child from pain is robbed from you and you are forced to make decisions that place your child in harm’s way. As you watch them have bloods draws, or procedures, tests and untold pain. And although your mind tells you they are necessary and life-giving, your heart screams out to hold your baby in your arms and run away. Far away, back in time to when childhood was simple and innocence was profound.
Unexpected Outcomes is the simple way to wrap up a group of parents who are suffering & scared & grieving the loss of innocence while daily parenting the greatest gift they’ll ever have: their perfect, precious child.