Exceptional Parenting


An Exceptional Parent is a warrior, battling every day in the most important conflict of their life. They are battling any foe that attempts to limit their child’s future. Any parent fighting all of the injustices that their precious child is forced up against because of an unjust world and unfair challenges. Advocating, ….. Showing the world the joy in disability even when they often wish for so much more for their child.

Someone once asked me “If I could; would I wish for my son to be normal?” At first, I was taken aback in thinking about it. My first thought was; ‘I would give my life to have all of the pain & struggles lifted from Joe’s shoulders.’ But to simply want him to be ‘normal’ is a harder question because all of the pieces make up who Jonah is. You can’t take his courage, laugh, his happy morning face and his sharp wit without also having his staggered gait & slurred speech. I can’t envision one without the other. In seeing my son, I see the perfect Joe, the hard earned words that began with a strong NO in his fourth year of life.  The years of painful physical therapy that allowed him to be upright and shuffle along. The smile that shines brighter than the sun on days in the pool or out with friends. However wrapped up in those smiles are the memories of his screams as he is rolled back for his 26th surgery. The spirit he has inside of him to smile again within minutes of seeing us in the recovery room makes up the essence of who he is. So my simple answer to my friend’s question is “There are so many kinds of normal and for me I could never wish for that for Jonah, because he is SO much more than simply normal. He will always be extraordinary!”

Exceptional parents overcome every day. My greatest hope is that you may find some of the ideas and posts to be helpful on your journey. Please share, return often and leap in with your own ideas.

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