Hello and welcome!

If you have journeyed to this page because you have experienced a recent loss or have discovered that your little one has medical challenges, please know that my heart aches for you. I wish I could be there next to you helping in a much more constructive way than just sharing your sorrow through the internet lines. I wish there was more that I could do, as I am sure most of your loved ones do as well. When you care about someone and they are hurting, you naturally want to take the pain away, but unfortunately, grief is a journey and right now it is your journey and yours alone. You will write the pages of this story every day as you choose your road and navigate the hurt.


The entire reason I am writing this website is for you, and many others like you. You are not alone. There are many of us writing our own story each day. This journey began for each of us through love. The love of a parent for their child. My journey began many years ago and I have wanted to share it for years and have truly never had the time. I have shared it, informally with many along the way. Friends who have called in the middle of the night or have gotten my name from a loved one who knew my story and hoped that I could help. Grief is like that, it becomes a link that draws people together. Those who have navigated on ahead and become the mentors along this agonizing path, and those with pain still fresh in their hearts and the anger that is tearing them apart. Reaching out to make it stop.

I believe that what I have learned along the way through the challenges that I have overcome has a purpose and that purpose is helping others. No one should walk the road of grief alone.  And once you successfully navigate your grief story to resolution it is your role to share your gifts with others.  I hope that people who are at various stages of grief and discovery use the blog space here on this website to share their journey.

Please spend sometime navigating through this site.  Gather strength and courage from knowing that you are not alone and that there can be healing and hope again in your life.  Read through the tabs to find tools, techniques to help you on your journey.  Find ways to honor the gift of life that was given to you while you find ways to cope with the feelings of loss at the things that were taken from you.  I encourage you to either use the resources found on this site or the links available to help you write your own story.  Every person is so unique so everyone will chose to grieve and heal in hundreds of different ways.

Take things slowly, read at your own pace, don’t rush, honor the time and energy that goes into healing.  Be gentle with yourself and work hard to focus on healing and renewal as you journey.