destin2Life is meant to beat you
Use the tools at hand
Faith to guide you,
Joy to inspire you,
Hope to renew you,
And Love to give purpose
You can chose each day
Either let it beat you
Or conquer it with courage
Celebrate even the smallest victories
Be kind to yourself
Treat others with grace
Renew and recommit each time
That you fail
Grief can swallow you whole
Embrace Wonder
Love the littlest people with all of your heart
Life is meant to beat you
But you hold the key to triumph
It is there inside of you
Dig Deep, It’s there.
The key to life is: Hope!
Which serves as the light in the darkness
It is the flame that burns in each of us
Let it shine
You will win
Step by Step
Day by Day
The journey is in front of you
Be on your way
Don’t travel the road alone
Surround yourself with the light of love
So if your own light dims
Let the light of others guide you for awhile
And when you find the road to recovery
Share your journey
It was meant to be shared
Your journey strengthened you
Let it lead others too
A day will come
When you will be the voice of love & light
To someone else newly on this path of grief.

Welcome! I am so sorry that the pain of grief lead you to this site. But I am glad you found it. My name is Dawn and this is my story. My greatest hope is that it helps you.